Become an NYU Toastmasters Officer 2017-2018

What are the benefits of being an officer for NYU Toastmasters?

  • It’s an opportunity to display and develop your leadership skills (and fast-tracks your earning a Toastmasters International Competent Leader designation)

  • You’ll play a significant role in shaping our club’s culture and identity

  • You can grow your professional network beyond NYU by participating in Toastmasters International events and trainings for officers

  • NYU pays your membership dues for half a year


What’s involved?

  • Officers serve for a one-year term beginning on July 1st, 2017  and ending on June 30th, 2018

  • Officers meet 3-4 times per year, depending on what’s happening and what needs doing

  • Officers are required to attend one formal training (Winter and Summer) put on by Toastmasters International, usually held on an evening or weekend

  • Other responsibilities depend on your role and are outlined below


More detailed information about all Toastmasters roles can be found at


  • President – Calls and presides over officer meetings, makes announcements at meetings, is a liaison with other local clubs, Toastmasters International, etc. (1-4 hours per week)

  • VP Education – Ensures meeting roles are filled and ensures members are making their way through their ten prepared speeches, may help newer members find mentors within the club (2-3 hours per week)

  • VP Membership – Processes membership applications at renewal time and throughout the year (about 3 hours per week at membership renewal times (twice a year); otherwise commitment varies from 0-2 hours per week)

  • VP Public Relations – Promotes the club within the NYU community to administrators, staff and faculty (number of hours per week depends on what you want to do to promote the club)

  • Secretary – Keeps minutes at officer meetings, keeps files containing meeting agendas and other archival information (0-1 hour per week)

  • Treasurer – Keeps track of how much money we’ve submitted to Toastmasters International, how much credit our club has, and any other money matters (NOTE: Currently our club does not have a budget as we charge only what is due to Toastmasters International) (0-1 hour per week)

What’s the election process?

Any active member, including current officers and including brand new members who have just submitted an application, may self-nominate for the roles listed above.  Get in touch with any nominating committee member (names below) by Thursday, May 4th to let us know which role(s) interest you and a sentence or two about why you are interested.  The nominating committee will be soliciting nominations between now and May 4th.

  • The nominating committee will present a slate of candidates at the May 11th and May 18th meetings.

  • A ballot will be emailed to members on Friday, May 19th.

  • Ballots will be due back by 5pm on Friday, May 26th.

  • New officers will be announced on Tuesday, May 30th.

What do I need to do?

If you’d be interested in talking about becoming an NYU Toastmasters officer, please get in touch with any member of the nominating committee by Thursday, May 4th:, Queen Walker at or

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