NYU Toastmasters Now Admits Students and Alumni!

After much consideration, NYU Toastmasters will now admit NYU alumni, graduate students, and undergraduate students who are interested in improving their public speaking and gaining confidence and skills. Students from across all the NYU schools are welcome to attend one of our meetings soon to learn more about how Toastmasters works, and whether the club is the right fit for them.

Meetings take place on the first and third Thursday of the month from 5:15 to 6:15pm at 105 East 17th Street, room 191.

Meetings also take place on the second and fourth Thursday of the month from 12:00 to 1pm at the Kauffman Management Center at 44 West 4th Street, room 3-55.

There are no meetings on the 5th Thursday of any given month, or on major holidays. If you have any questions or comments, please email us at nyutoastmastersclub@gmail.com.

Please note that students and alumni who wish to join NYU Toastmasters will incur two costs: a new member fee of $20 and regular member fees of $36 twice yearly. Our club officers can explain these fees in more detail. Guests are always welcome to come to all meetings and participate in most meeting roles before officially joining.

We look forward to seeing you at a meeting soon!

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